Aydın Kartal, the chairman of Kartal Yapı – one of the rising values of the sector – evaluated the sector for us.
Could you let us know you and your company?
My name is Aydın KARTAL. The son of Temel the Tinsmith, I am from Ordu Aybastı.  I am the one who reached here by starting from the most bottom unit of the sector. We established Kartallar Yapı in 2004 by the help of Mr.Serdar İnan. We are a family company and as a family, we employ 230 people.
Coud you give us information about how your company works?
We work with our customers upon reference. With the referrals and guidances of companies that know us from our previous works, we get the technical files of projects. After our offer is accepted, we get the job.  Unfortunately, apples are never compered with apples in our sector, apples are confused with oranges. And yet, we give priority to a structure which our customers find us instead of a one we find our customers.
We are involved in projects taking place in Istanbul. We are active at 5 different points which are Ottomare Zeytinburnu, Bahçetepe project, Mavera palaces Stage 5, Elit World Hotel and Zekeriyaköy Terrace Plus project.
In domestic market, which regions are you active predominantly?
Due to our workload, we only prefer to work in Istanbul during this period. However, we got some projects also outside of Istanbul previously. Although companies apply to us several times to work abroad, we don’t lean towards doing business abroad as the current situation has too many risks.

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